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Daisy Mae Fabric Tour

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog, but what better way than to share a new fabric collection by Poppie Cotton called Daisy Mae, coming soon to stores. Poppie Cotton was kind enough to send me a gorgeous bundle of fabrics, and I am so happy to be working with them to showcase their beautiful designs! The quality of their fabric is amazing, which makes it a joy to sew and quilt.

This collection is so pretty with soft shades of yellow and pink accented with a contrasting navy blue. The patterns speak to my love of farmhouse design, and with such pretty prints I wanted to showcase the fabrics rather than make a complicated quilt design. I decided to do a simple half square triangle design, alternating larger and smaller squares.

I added a more modern element to the back of the quilt by using a navy and white scroll design, and I used the same fabric for the binding of the quilt.

I made the quilt approximately 40"X40" which would be perfect for a fun baby size, and it sewed up very quickly.

My favorite part of quilt making is after everything is finished, washing it and pulling it from the dryer when it is soft and crinkly, and this one didn't disappoint.

Daisy Mae fabrics will be in stock very soon! Be sure to follow Poppie Cotton on instagram to see what more talented makers are making in the Daisy Mae fabric tour!

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